Did you know it takes at least 24 pieces to create an Aubade bra? No wonder it is one of the most supportive and beautiful brands available. The Aubade brand was founded in 1958, when panties and girdles were essential elements of women’s lingerie collections.

Early on Aubade partnered with renowned Calais lace makers and Swiss embroiderers. The result was fresh designs with impeccable fit. Aubade caters to many sized women offering a range from 80A to 105F in most of their collections.

The French really do know how to make bras. Whatever magic dust they sprinkle on their patterns absolutely works. The side breast tissue is gently careened into the cup defining the torso from the breast. This is a different design from many of the minimizers on the market that push the breast tissue down essentially removing the definition between the torso and the breast. In my expert opinion, the minimizer in this respect is a very unflattering look.

Aubade is one of the top design houses that not only provides an expert technical fit, but also beautiful, sensual product that every woman would love to wear. 

We received the Nymphe Paradise collection this week and it is stunning. I can't help but think of tropical paradise when I see this bra. The cool crisp white base is accentuated with the blue marine embroidery.

Written by Susan Testa

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