I look forward to Mother's day. It's a day I cherish because it's all about family. I'm planning on taking my mom to her favorite restaurant, the Shadowbrook in Capitola. It's our family's go-to for special events.

Capitola, California

Historic Shadowbrook opened in 1947

One of my favorite gifts to give is Kai fragrance. They have an incredible line of lotions, oil, perfume, candles, body sprays, body butter and more. Their credo is Breath, Life, Flow. I'm instantly transported to the islands when I smell the exotic scent. Think... gardenia, plumeria, a mixture of intoxicating fragrances that keeps you wondering: how did they put Hawaii in a bottle? It's a light scent that doesn't overwhelm, which I truly appreciate. It's paraben, sulfate, phthalate, phosphate & gluten free. microbead free. cruelty free. vegan.recyclable packaging and Made in the USA.

Founder Gaye Straza spent her youth traveling the islands and was able to transform her experiences into this amazing business. Luckily for us, I discovered her brand around the same time she founded it in 1999. It's a staple in our boutique here in Los Gatos and on our online boutique... shopromantiques.com. I hope you're able to celebrate with your mom this mother's day, and for all the families that are not able to be together, I wish for you a special and loving day.

Written by Susan Testa

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