I'm sorry dear reader (all two of you) but I've been abroad... how fancy! LOL. I went to Italy and Sicily this summer with my family. 

People talk about bucket lists. I don't ever want to think about the end so "bucket" doesn't fit into my vocabulary. However, I have this perculating pump inside of me that is steering me to go somewhere and do something, and this time it was much further away than normal, and maybe because I was with my anchor (my family), it was so awesome and fulfilling. There was nothing I would change. It was the BEST time of my life. There I said it. Puke if you want.

We went to Rome, drove to Positano, flew to Palermo, drove to Marsala... Siracusa and Taormina.


We met my husband's family from Piedimonte Etneo. They live in a small town at the base of Mt. Etneo, the most active volcano in Europe. We were so lovingly received by people we really never had met. 

Okay... how does all of this relate to my "blog" (I hate that word btw...). Well, let me tell you dear reader...

I love the "screw it" attitude in Italy. Every age, every size wears a bikini at the beach. The only one piece I saw I'm sorry to say stood out. Guess where she was from... the US! We need to enjoy our bodies and feel secure. So after a few days in Taormina at the beach wearing my bikini, I walked the small narrow streets and found a shop that carried Chantelle "cup" sized bathing suits and they were amazing!!! Imagine being an F cup and finding a cute suit to wear that was supportive, and didn't look ancient. I found it there in this miraculous town. 

We've tried offering swimsuits, but I think I made a mistake because I had in my mind the A/B cup model versus the real woman that shops at my boutique... D -G cup and what they really want. And, since I'm one of those ladies, the goal is to not look like we are wearing our grandma's bathing suits but look like we are still  in a league of our own. I'm thinking about focusing future buys on Marlies Dekkers, Chantelle, Simone Perele and maybe a few others that specialize in cup sized bathing suits that actually fit. What do you think? I would love your opinion and to find out what is missing for you in the market. 




Written by Susan Testa

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