It's fall, so our boutique is full of warm and cozy sleepwear, robes, sweaters, denim, loungewear... even if it's 85 degrees here today, it was crisp and cool overnight and this morning. ;).

I've got the "Jimmy Buffet" station playing from Pandora. The sun has that fall filter on it.  Everyone in town seems to be on slow mode... in a good way. Relaxed and quiet. Give me quiet and I reflect... it's been too long since I've written on our blog. So there you have it. I'm going to write. After some deliberation, I decided I'd like to share with you information about a brand that you should know about if you don't already. It's one of our customer's absolute favorites, and we love them too... PJ Salvage! Over the years the styles they offer just get better. They are like the Madonna (always reinventing and iconic) of the comfy brands. 

Self described as "a California contemporary lifestyle brand specializing in luxury essentials and the pursuit of a comfy, casual lifestyle. The brand is known for its incredibly soft fabrics, gorgeous prints, meticulous attention to detail and effortless, modern silhouettes, assorted over a beautiful collection of contemporary sleepwear, loungewear, intimates and sportswear collections." All true but they are so much more. Take a look!

The problem with online shopping is you can't feel these amazing fabrics. I either have to do an incredible job of describing this to you, or you have to stop by the shop and feel it for yourself. I'll give it a shot... have you ever pet a kitten or been in a ball pit filled with kittens (no, I haven't either but imagine the bliss). That is exactly how this fabric feels!! It's incredible. I can do one better... it's machine washable too and PJ Salvage is really well priced despite it's elevated style. 

This brings me to the fact that the gift giving season is almost upon us... that is if you participate in the gift giving thing. Many of you do, so when you start thinking about what to give your mother or your daughter or even your wife... especially your wife, remember PJ Salvage cozies. It's the undeniable easiest gift you will ever purchase. Check out our website under "lounge" to find all of the styles we have to offer. 

Written by Susan Testa

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