As I write today, the rain is falling here in our lovely, downtown Los Gatos. It feels cool and very soggy out today making me wish we had a fireplace in here! (I know I'll light one of the Kai candles.) Our new Sonos system is working well surrounding the boutique in classical guitar (Steven Pasero's album Guitar Heartsongs), which to me is the perfect music for a day like today.

Our 2018 Spring Collections have been trickling in to the store over the last few weeks. Suddenly, the entire store has taken on a new look for a new season. There are some stand out groups and definite color themes happening here. Rich greens, vibrant blues, cool aubergines, and warm earth tones are in full bloom. I know it sounds more like a fall palate, but trust me when I say it's a fresh take on spring colors. From jewelry to dresses, it seems that all of our designers were on the same wave length: let's mess with their heads and facilitate these tones into our spring collections. Somehow, I tell you... it works!

Written by Susan Testa

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