After 30 years and a lifetime of never visiting Dallas, my bestie and also boutique buddy and I traveled to Dallas Market this week. We went for a multitude of reasons, but the first being I had joined a company called the Boutique Hub and they were hosting a “Summit” where boutique owners from all over the United States meet for two days to listen to motivational speakers, meet industry professionals that can improve your business practices, learn new processes, discover innovative technology designed to make business better, meet other boutique owners, resource new lines and so much more. Where were you Boutique Hub thirty years ago? Oh that’s right, in elementary school! I can’t say enough good things about their business and their people that host the Summit. If any new or struggling boutique owner is out there reading this, it’s a game changer for new and older businesses alike. 

So why was Dallas market so great? It was an eye opener for sure. The market is located in the World Trade Center in Dallas. It’s a family owned business which began in 1957. It houses gift, furniture, fine jewelry, temporary booths. Western, Kids/Baby, Shoes, Fast Fashion, and Fashion Showrooms. There wasn’t a lot if any lingerie, but that was ok… I’ve got New York and LA for that category. The other market we went to was FIG. It was held in downtown Dallas, and had many if not all of the brands we shop for in Los Angeles. It’s where the higher end, better quality brands show. I spent a lot of time walking endlessly considering all of my options, trying to stay on brand, and wondering what you all want and need. In the World Trade Center, I found some amazing gifts, and body care lines. And, at FIG I ordered some amazing styles that are going to be perfect for Fall and Holiday and meet my expectations for quality. 

We were given some amazing restaurant suggestions, which I in turn will recommend to you! Our first dinner was at the Yellow Rosa Cocktaileria in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas. They serve delicious Mexican food and drinks! We also had a wonderful, elevated dining experience at The Mexican located in the Dallas Design district. We shared small plates and enjoyed a couple of mezcal margaritas. We stayed at the Virgin hotel nearby so it was a 5 minute walk. Speaking of the Virgin Hotel, I was impressed! We scored a great rate through the Dallas Market Center, and were given a spacious corner room. Every night after dinner, we stopped at the bar, which was so fun and a great way to meet other boutique owners. The staff and service was impeccable. 

It’s been awhile since I’ve written on my blog. I’ll try and keep up to give you insights to what it’s like to being a boutique owner and the adventures of a small business… not to mention I’ll feature great businesses, brands, etc. that I recommend. Please leave your feedback and questions. I look forward to our conversation!



Written by susan sedgley

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