Titania Spanking Knicker

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A piece with ulterior motives, meet the Titania Spanking Knicker.

 French eyelash lace creates a classically feminine look to the front, with salaciously suggestive design to the rear. Wear the knicker closed and buttoned up, or have your lover unbutton the panel of teasing French eyelash lace at the backside, revealing your perkiest asset. What happens thereafter is between the two of you.

Pair with the Titania Balcony Bra for a naturally untamed evening ensemble.

Named after the Queen of the Fairies, Titania is powerful, independent and enchanting. Identifiable by corded French eyelash lace and silk in a majestic teal, this collection represents nature in all of its immense power and wonder. Silhouettes take on regal and sophisticated forms in this collection, with magic and transformation at its core.