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The Camellia Suspender Knicker Bikini

The Camellia Suspender Knicker Bikini



The Camellia Suspender Knicker is flawless glamour at its best.

Sumptuous silk in the delectable shade of bordeaux graces the waist with such elegance, the cut set off with boning at the side and a ruched belt, all resulting in an incredibly flattering shape and the most divine feel.

The exquisite positioning of the lace design creates an utterly sensational view of the rear.

The positioning of the silk belt leaves a tantalising space of bare skin until the eye meets the knicker waistband. Skimming the cheeks with an intoxicating elegance, the scalloped eyelash lace perfectly entices the posterior and sits under clothes without a glimpse. 

Not that you would ever want to miss a glance at this masterpiece.