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Coco de mer iris soft cup bra

Coco de mer iris soft cup bra



Sensual and streamlined, the Iris Soft Cup Bra creates a dynamic silhouette intended to be seen. A deep triangle of cleavage is exhibited to the centre of the bra, harmoniously balanced with a high neck for a sleek and contemporary feel. Art Nouveau style embroidery works across your form, creating intricate points of interest and a slick textural appeal. To the reverse, two simple silk bands are finished with gleaming gold clasps. The overall impression is entirely otherworldly and deeply erotic.

Complete your dark fantasy with the Iris Thong.

Dive into the deep waters of Iris, the dark siren of the Mythopoeia collection. Referencing the works of Gustav Klimt, ornate cere press embroidery creates Art Nouveau patterns across the skin. The waxy coating and midnight blue hue resemble the endless depth of the sea, creating dimension and a slick finish. Home to modern silhouettes and daring ouvert styles, Iris’ transformative powers conjure up sinful and sensual desires.